Sex toy price In Bangladesh
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Sex toy price In Bangladesh

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Product Details: spider is a realistic male masturbator with the insert of a vagina. Thanks to the vacuum-locking suction cup on the base of the toy, it can be attached to any smooth, hard surface for intense hands-free stimulation. By adjusting the angle using the twisting locking mechanism, the product can even be tilt (120 degrees), providing you sex positions you have ever experienced with any other masturbator before!

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Spider Sex toy Price In Bangladesh 

Spider Sex toy Price In Bangladesh now. Finally a hands free male masturbation device such as the Spider, is a revolutionary masturbator. A realistic male masturbator with a sensual vaginal insert. So you can add her to any smooth and hard surface with a vacuum-locking suction cup on the base. It can tilt for the best angle for the most unbelievable hands free stimulation possible!

Vibrator Sex toy price In Bangladesh

Firstly this sex toy  is lightweight and discreet. It actually looks like a dumbbell. In fact  the pronounced ends hold the secret. On the other hand one end you will find the suction cup, and under the other is a vaginal opening. Hiding the entrance to the beautifully cast vagina internal sleeve alsp complete with A-spot and G-spot detailing, as well as dozens of tiny nodules.The sleeve has a real skin like feel, and can be warmed to body temperature by removing it from the Spider and placing it in a sink full of hot water before use.The Spider is safe, using non-toxic, ecofriendly materials and is very easy to clean.

The Spider male masturbator feels as good as the real thing with the added advantage of not needing to use your hands, enabling your fantasies to become a reality.

Sex toy price In Bangladesh
Sex toy price In Bangladesh
sex toy
Sex toy price In Bangladesh
Sex toy In Bangladesh
Spider sex toy


  • This Spider Masturbator has a free range of activities and variety of positions that could be implemented
  • Wherever placed on a flat spot, it is removable (Ride & Attached) and leads to hands free stimulation
  • Most importantly Spider sex toy is safe for all people as non-toxic and eco-friendly materials are used.
  • The ergonomic interal structure is maximizing your pleasant feelings, and gives an illusion of a variety of excitements.
  • In fact Spider Man guarantees your whole reality of enjoying positions!

1. It has 12inch channel with more feelings
2. Full Silicon With strong hand cover
3. Vagina enjoyment

4. Install on any place and enjoy dog style, Standing style sex etc

5. Real feelings comes from this masturbation device
6. This sex toy is Re useable
7. It is very Easy to wash

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