Penis sleeve
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Penis sleeve

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Wearing a penis sleeve often leads to a drastic improvement in stay time for men and makes it possible for the couple to have a prolonged, passionate and sensual sexual encounter. The Pretty Love Penis Sleeve 7 inches is a realistic pens sleeve that will help you make the most of your lovemaking sessions with your partner.


Penis sleeve

Penis sleeve and penis extenders are sex toys that are applied over the penis and are used during penetrative sex.

Here are 5 reasons why people use them and LOVE them.

#1 They add new textures which create new sensations for your partner. The bumps and ridges increase the surface area of the penis, therefore, increasing the area being stimulated inside your partner. This can help with G-spot orgasms, A-spot orgasms, and urethral orgasms.

#2 They help with premature ejaculation. If you find yourself frequently orgasming before you partner, a penis sleeve can help. They are thicker than condoms and will decrease sensitivity.

#3 They increase the size of your penis. Penis extenders have a tube that fits over the penis and a firm rubber tip at the end that adds length. Size isn’t everything, but if you and your partner want to experiment with different sizes, this is the surgery and pill-free route.

#4 They help with erectile dysfunction. If you struggle with erectile difficulties, penis sleeves can allow you to continue enjoying your sex life. They fit snugly over the penis so you won’t have to worry about it falling off if you are flaccid. They also have a loop at the base that fits comfortably around the testicles and firmly anchors it.

#5 They can spice up your favorite sex toy. If you have a dildo, vibrator or butt plug you use regularly during sex or solo, a penis sleeve can be applied over top. This adds new textures, sensations, and excitement!

penis sleeve in Bangladesh

penis sleeve


This is Baile brand full silicone penis sleeve for enlargement. It is super soft silicone material with the skin feeling sensation.The glans is hollow also.The maetrial is senior silicone and has no smell. It’s suggested to wash it in water before sex, and keep it in a dry condition and not in sunshine. The penis sleeve can be also used on a vibrator.

Are you worried that your penis size is not adequate enough? Penis Sleeve 7 inches gives you the chance to add those extra few inches on the top and helps you fully satisfy your partner.

Why Use Penis sleeve?

Sensuality has a new meaning with these new age penis extenders. This stretchy penis sleeve could help men prolong their stay time and often leads to incredible orgasms for both the partners. It features a realistic design with a vibrating tip that is specially designed to reach the elusive G-spot in the woman’s vagina for maximum pleasure. The penis sleeve is designed to look and feel like a real-life erect male penis and is created with a high quality, body safe, and phthalate free silicone material.

This penis sleeve will make you bigger than ever and you will be able to make love to your partner with an increased gusto and enhanced sexual prowess. The material of the product feels natural against the skin and stretchy quality ensures you are comfortable in all positions. The realistic, bulging veins and the extended tip look like an exact replica of an erect human penis and it is ready to rock your world anytime, anywhere.


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